Ships on rust?

Rust should be able to build ships, this would give a lot of play for both users travel along the coast, like to go to other islands or to raiding houses in the water.
I give some ideas to developers.

Users will have the ability to create them using the .building_plan.
A section within all options that could build the hulls, supports construction, shipyard, masts, etc …

Once users have the “mini shipyard”, on which they can start placing the wooden hulls, the skeleton first and then the walls of the body.

I put a photo of another game where the idea can be observed.

Finally, candles can crafting from inventory from cloths.
Different sizes of ships could be built from large and expensive boats to a simple sailboat.

I think it can be a fantastic idea, especially for lovers of construction and boats.

The power to build ships opens new horizons to the game. Being able to go to other islands with more players to visit the famous iceberg.

Thank you all for reading my post, greetings.


Realy good idea

Something similar, but biggest. In plan that could live on the boat.
That in order to build the shipyard, did it need a bp

I have learned just don’t request anything. They have a vision on what they want Rust to be. I’m going to sit back and see where this game continues to go. I have great ideas for this game, I hope they go along the lines of what I imagine. Only time will tell…

What about a Flintstones style car made of sticks and stone wheels. It can be upgraded so it would look different and get more protected.

Also first version could be like peddle power then next stage you could have it running on wood then after that maybe furnace/furnaces to make it go faster. Not silly fast, just twice the speed of running. The peddle power one would not be much faster than running.

You imagine you would be such a target if you had a ride!

I hate the idea of cars as such in this game but this idea could be made to fit and toned down to fit rust.

I liked the idea of the cars, but I think it’s a little more complex to make a car than a boat.


Like what this guy built (thanks google and this guy)

That would be really helpful getting those airdrops that go in the water.

From the Rust Trello board:

They’ve taken and credited player ideas before.

Viking Longships plz


Why not? XD

garry i think u love my idea, i know xD

I want a spanish man’o’war or I’m not playing

Like this?

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If they develop a ship system, we can live there. :dance:
That sounds great!!!

I’m all for a floating buoy-foundation system with ladders (rope/metal?) instead of stairs. I would guess making them mobile for navigation would be difficult… as would working the physics to make them act appropriately with water/weight, but it’d be worth it. Especially so if cannons are one of the solutions they provide to replace explosives o.o