ShipWars (Floodmod vs. Pirate Ship Wars)


ShipWars is a gamemode based on Pirate Ship Wars and Flood Mod
There are no guns or swords, all you have is your ship and a cannon.

I’ve built it upon my Help! Zombie! gamemode, so don’t think I’ve stopped working on Help! Zombies!
[release]I wrote this next section because I was expecting to release my gamemode when I started writing out the thread, but then I ran into some glitches and decided to not release it yet. I don’t want to write out whatever I posted below again so I’m just keeping it in this thread until I release the gamemode.

Please do post here with any criticism and suggestions.
Though I do love getting suggestions, I’m anticipating a lot of suggestions that are going to be against the idea of the concept of the gamemode or suggestions of things I will add in the “final” release of the gamemode.
So here is a list of things that I will add/change if this gamemode is successful:

• Highscore / Scoreboard at the end of each round just like in the Help! Zombies! gamemode (Right now it just says null)
• Different types of cannons ( Freezing, Sinking, Mines, Grappling Hook, Gravity )
• New special objects
• Adjustable gamemode admin settings ( Round lengths and tips that would be shown. )
• Left 4 Dead type of tips that pop up infront of special objects
• Parties for people who want to team up and build a boat together
• Experience & level system
• Voice acting
• An HUD using textures

Along with this release is also my hudmanager module which powers the HUD in Help! Zombies! and this gamemode.[/release]


Looking nice

Flood-mod with some new stuff like thruster and cannon? It sounds good. Where is the server’s IP?

This sounds interesting and addicting.
Looking forward to more updates.

Simply awesome. I have one suggestion: you can add ropes, winches or elastics, as they might come in handy.

I like it.

Wow. This looks like navalplay but epic. And you’re going to public release it so x2.

Really looking forward to it. Surelly i’ll open 1 or 2 servers of this gamemode as soon as it’s out. ^^

Never played ShipWars, but trough the picture and description it looks and sounds great. I still miss PirateShipWars, and wish badly that someone would start working on it again.

Seems like a fun concept.

Hey guys, thanks for showing interest in the gamemode.

I cranked out some bugs with the player stabilizer and some gameplay bugs and now I have a download:

Please be aware that this is the test gamemode to see if it is actually fun. Not all planned features are added yet.

If you guys want me to continue working on this gamemode, just post here and tell me if it’s fun or not.

Here’s a video I posted earlier in the WAYWO thread:

Edit: I decided not to release the test version yet.
The official server is here:

Public release will happen after input is given and all the final/promised features are applied.


Eh the person who offered to host the official server isn’t responding right now. The server isn’t currently hosting the gamemode.

I’m in need of a server with easy FTP access.

Contact me if you want. I have this hardware:

2 x Intel® Xeon® E5620 (Westmere) 8x 2.4GHz, 64 Bits, Virtualisation
24 Gb DDR3 ECC
2 x 2 To SAS Raid 0 / Raid 1 HARD (H200) (2Tb)
1 Gbit/sec

And since i almost don’t use it i use to help devs that have great projects (like for example, SuperLlama).

I use TCAdmin to manage the servers so feel free to contact me and i’ll gratefully give you one free ^^

EDIT: I think i already told you that? Maybe not, didn’t remember since i already have you on steam :o

I want to play it :slight_smile:
Don’t let it go, son.

Sounds good, but the user interface doesn’t really look too promising yet.

Epic, but I can never spot any people in the server. Can you switch to fm_buildboat_canal_b7 please? Also you should change the gamemode name to ShipWars as I think it will atrack more people( currently it’s called HELP!ZOMBIES!)

This looks like it has a lot of potential, let me know if I can help development in any way (dev server/fastdl)

Yeah, I accidentally forgot to rename it from the gamemode it was based off of.

I’m waiting on PNG support, so this HUD might be a placeholder.

This is what I assumed when I saw this. Your usual HUDs look better.

Bug report: I can no-clip and when I step over a prop in buildmode, I get stuck in its hitbox.