"Shit, checkpoint!"

Props if you know what movie this is from.


What the fuck dude the posing is amazing!

Edit, you dumbnuts it wasnt an image on atm because he fucked it up, goddamnit

the movie where nothing is happening



Hairy you bastard

There we go.

I loved this part in the movie.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Im the best ^^

Shitty version or good version?

Good Version ^^ with Keanu Reeves , Jennifer Connelly ,…

I think you mean shitty version then.

I hate when movies keep being remade.
They usually turn out very shitty.

I never seen the first film =s 1951
for me the last version of the film is the best

Go see it somewhere. Then compare wich is better.

You do this too much ^^. What does this mean? Loosen up on it, asshole.

It means :keke:

I thought It was from district B13 .
nice picture you got thar though.

wow realy nice posing