"Shit! Enemy tank!" - Soldiers taking cover from an approaching tank



hot cummings

I think the guy on the left is posed a little weird, but It’s still pretty good.

We want to see some blood and death! :frowning:

What the fuck does that guy think shooting it will do.

Still, nice posing.

“Shit enemy tank, shoot it with our tiny guns!”
“Brilliant plan sir!”

He’s trying to pull this off:

Bloody briliant.

shoot the damn barrel!

He might be aiming at some soldiers or something like that.

The posing is nice, the guy on the left looks a little wierd but nothing major.

Well, if your trying to shoot something with iron sights, you probably do stand straight up.

And anyway, I wouldn’t waste time shooting soldiers if there was a tank 30 yards infront of me :smiley: