Shit, ITS GONNA BLOW. (Two SAS units running from something offscreen)

I wanted to try editing ingame and no outside editing, so here is the result:

First good (I think its good), pose.


C&C Please, help me get better.

more finger posing.

I know actually, its just that dem’ CSS models are very hard to fingerpose, only the thumb and index finger can be posed.

there is no finger posing. In the good news good posing
damn ninja

Yeah, should have posed the fingers better.

there is a finger pose tool. Go find it

You mean the one ingame, or a better downloadable one ?

ingame in the tools menu(oh shit i thought you knew a lot about gmod, and then posed the pic)

I do indeed know a thing or two about gmod, I just thought you said there was another one. And it’s hardly fingerposed.

ahhh ok glad to help

Thank you for your constructive critism, I’ll remember to finger pose next time ^^