Shit I've ported.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Shit I’ve ported

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0

[tab]Description:[/tab]“New models for the new years, and a modified fingerposer tool”

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod


Forgive the shitty image, my virus scanner decided to start at the worst time and it totally fucked up everything.

Once again, this is stuff I ported for use by me. They’re kind of annoying to pose, because I ported these when I was a newb and couldn’t make a phymodel for shit. And if you don’t like it then you can just not use them. The faceposing on some models is kind of fucked up, oh well. There is a difference between S-Low’s Scorpion and Sub-Zero and mine. Mine has ragdolled loincloths, and uses the games default bumpmaps which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Do whatever you want with these.

The modified fingerposer makes all these models fingerposable and it also makes the Dark Messiah models fingerposable.

Credits :

Imperial guard! you sir are my hero.

Is that… oh my god, it’s the Mysterious Stranger !


Good stuff. Thanks for uploading.

I should mention he has no teeth.(Not joking)

Not like anybody did in the middles ages, anyways.

chinese stealth armoor!!!

great job!

Good lord, that huge dark knight looks fucking awesome.

That’s nexus’s stranger.

No it isn’t.

Please tell me how you managed to get the Oblivion ragdolls. I’ve been trying for months and couldn’t get it.

I imported them and exported as .smd made a shitty phymodel and done.

awesome models


I have been waiting for that release for a long time! :3 Nice ports man!

Fingerposable dm models!?
You sir are beyond awesome!

Gracias, seinor!

hell yes sub zero

What’s the difference between his and yours? They look awfully similar.

Oh hey because 2 models look similar one of them was stolen


Seriously… I won’t even give a correct answer to this question. It’s just too stupid.

Its Christmas all over again

Awesome, imperial guards!