"Shit! Krogan incoming!" An armed Korgan charges into two Marines.


I hope the motion blur looks fine. I tried to make the Krogan look like it’s biotically active, but it doesn’t look right.


I see a ninja :byodood:

Near the rubble on the right

I see him too. :psyduck:


I see slenderman but hes in Chinese traditional clothing.

He’s mimicking her!

I don’t know what the fuck you guys are smoking. :v:


What? No more comments because there’s no slenderman?

nice effects and posing

but i see no ninja D:

I like the posing alot, and the editing. have a art thing

Nice picture, but the crogan would be better with no blue tint on it.

Like I said, I tried to imitate a Biotic Barrier, the result was just a shiny blue and a nice ripple.

Here you go, some biotic effects.


you chopped off the guy’s forehead

DAYUMN. Fixing.


Fixed, I think.


NO! What did you do to the ninja?

Close quarters… Problematic!

What’s with the lightning coming from under his hand?

And to be honest I prefer the original edit. Joazz’s has some odd stuff - like the legs.

Yeh, my first biotic effect edit. I should practice these cloud filter tricks more.

Cool effects, posing and the camera angle is okay. Lighting is pretty dull though.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t help but notice the lighting on the character on the left. His shading is very bright, almost like the contrast is too low. For example compare the shadow on his foot to the one cast onto the ground. Maybe it’s my monitor, I dunno.:lsd:

Otherwise it’s nice. I like the muzzleflash.

Nice posing&editing, wish that ground texture in HL2 wasn’t so lame.