shit lagg!

i’m have strong 1gb videocard and I’m play a rust with 70 fps. Just all time is lower my fps on my house, snow biome and all the fight … i don’t like this.I hate lagg. PLS don’t add more weapons, items … JUST optimize game!!! we need. the first work need the optimize. i hate this lagg 20 fps - 5 fps and more … can’t shot now. this is my problem. IN fastest graphics.

A “strong 1gig video card” lol dude that’s not very specific and these days 1 gig isn’t strong

Anything under 4 gb is not “strong”. Your issue here is probably the memory leak… with such a shitty card you probably have 2-4 gigs of ram which is barely enough to run Windows, let alone Rust. Rust with the memory leak takes 6gb on start and eats another 500meg to 1gb over that each hour it runs. I close mine when it gets to 10-12 gb cause it starts lagging bad.

Also, 1gb means your card is eating at your RAM to keep up with all the textures. Not only this is slow, this also means your ram is used by the video card, making your “too small” amount of ram even more of a problem.

Get a 16 gb stick and a 4gb card… or wait until FP fixes their leak.

… thx i have hald milliard money… i can play far cry 4 with medium on this videocard… goodest graphics without lagg…

You don’t need a milliard of money. Get a job.

well, go play farcry then. rust isn’t complete, so it’s nowhere near as optimised as a completed game. and you don’t need millions to up your ram, unless your mobo has literally no capacity to increase it and you need to replace the whole thing.