"Shit, multiple enemy contacts! Engaging!" - [Massive street battle]

With fucking MECHS!


Clusterfuck, eh? Took a long time editing this one, mostly because most of my time has been taken up filling a sketchbook for college. Got the idea for this after playing too much Mechwarrior: Living Legends (I would have used actual Battletech mech models if anyone were to port them) I know there are a few odd areas where I got lazy, and I’m not sure why some of the compression is bad (like on the sky)

Also, I was a retard and saved over the original, so no comparison :saddowns:

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Oh God.

Awesome as usual Vman.

My god…its so awesome.

About fucking time.

Amazing effects as usual - shame about the camera angle leaving quite a bit of empty space though.

You’ve been showing me this thing on Steam for like 2 months now so you know what I think of it in detail. :v:

Oh fuck oh fuck why are there four pictures suddenly?!


**Ok fixed it.

I saw that. I thought I was just going mad.


It only seems to happen when I post a comment and then scroll back up.

holy god

VMan, you seriously need to make some kind of laser tutorial. I mean wow.

Most of the empty space that I left is at the bottom, and I could have easily cropped that off, but then it would get rid of the reflections I did on the asphalt :saddowns:

You never did my amazing damaged asphalt idea :saddowns:

Awesome picture with great effects. Mechwarrior LL is fun as hell.

BTW Where’d you get the mechs other than the one on the far left?

All the mechs are from the Lost Planet pack.

If my memory serves me, it got taken off garrysmod.org.

I tried, and failed.

Awesomeosaurus Rex

Make a white line, blur it a little, add outer glow.

I saw Vman and massive street battle. I got excited. Did not disappoint. The laser’s are fantastic and I love the explosion.

it’s when i see stuff like that that i tell myself “i suck at editing”…

+1 Agree, I just got done editing a picture and I feel like throwing it away now…

Hey, I wasn’t always that great of an editor, but that didn’t discourage me.

Keep practicing and you’ll improve.

btw,holy shit 4003th post!

omg 14,869th post waaaaah


i dont understand the significance

im going to install crysis now because of this