Shit My Boss Does (Short GMOD Comic)

Hey all,

Was bored so I made this in about 40 mins, hope you enjoy

We might have to amputate.


Shit this video is?..

I don’t know…

As kybalt said in the last thread, this is shit.

-The aspect ratio is wrong
-No editing to the screenshots
-Terrible posing
-Why the fuck would you make a “comic” into a video
-Its 5 seconds shit
-The joke is immature bullshit

The fact that you sat there for 40 minutes and made this without once stopping to think “what the fuck am i doing?” astounds me, like watching a train wreck. Work on all of those things, put in some actual effort, and you might have something worth watching next time.

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And the tags are [ media ], goddamn

Fuck you americunt furfags

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - GunFox))

I didn’t like it. Maybe buy Fraps, or some type of ingame recorder?

Did I just watch someone take a shit?

Nitro the video was removed. I highly doubt you saw it. Your video was bad too.

Hey, you see the like/dislike ratio on the video? You see the people rating you dumb? Do you see everyone in this forum saying it’s shit?

Clearly it isn’t just “Americunt Furfags”

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ok at least he had the common sense to remove it, thank god

I watched it an hour ago when the last comment was Radley’ s. Yes mine was shit but I am getting help from the Furious Gentlemen. A very good machinima group. So I am putting effort into getting better.

Mashitima? No.

What a Machinima group of 12 year olds? I highly doubt it’ll be more improved, but seriously don’t talk shit about others videos being bad when your video was just as bad.

look up the furious gentlemen on youtube…

I did and they seem boring. Found nothing funny at all. And how are you getting help? You’re not even close to being funny. I mean look at your “first” video you supposedly made.

Does OP know what is the difference between comic and video?


Was it supposed to be funny? Cause I didn’t find it funny at all to be honest. Maybe a kid would laugh at it. Everything was great, but it wasn’t funny. I still don’t understand how you’ll be good for them, especially when you’re not even funny at all. Only a 12 year old would make a horrible remake of a horrible video in Gmod with poor posing.


Now you’re just lieing kid.