Shit Post

I would’ve edited it so there was blood coming out of the pipe, but what ever.

looks good. dof is very well done. concept is great


I agree, one of the best pics I’ve seen in this section for a long time.

Reminds me of Dead Rising.

Me too, how coincidental.

Itsha youneecorn.

Looks like Uberslug made this.

I see his photoshopping expertise here for sure.

Beautiful, such a clean entry on that pipe! 10/10 goes to the pipe for bloodless entry.

It’s the Logo for Valve’s new arch-rival company:


With cranky ol’ jim.

I could see a movie made out of this…

I should try and get James Cameron to direct. It’ll make billions

Hell no, if you get him to do it, it will have a storyline very similar to Pocahontas.

Hey! It might have to do with post apocalyptic robots time traveling back to kill a future leader…

YEAH! We’ll call it Exterminators.

Cybernetic organisms :eng101:

Oh well, they aren’t really cyborgs, but whatever…

Oh my god this is the greatest picture ever seen in my life!

“This juice sorta tastes like blood”
You know C&H?