"shit! Reloading!" soldier trying to escape from drones!


original: http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/7743/snowexp10000.jpg

Blur + Bloom destroys everything

i will take it as an good critic, thanks

Poorly done bloom and blur. The angle leaves much to be desired.

i have to work on it, what other thing should i fix ?

Thats really all I can see with that picture.

The black bars are totally unnecessary, woulda looked better if you would have just cropped it.
Zoom in a bit more as to not leave so much empty space on the sides.
Chill on the bloom.

Ah yes… white space… avoid it.

so it looks bad? :frowning:
arg…i tried my best, maybe i should work more on pics from now
EDIT: at least music was cool? xd

Xenomorphs don’t just jump on you. They’re not fucking Hunters

this one does :smug:

Arguing fake creatures ftw.

fingerpose it

Yes they are, they hunt humans for food and to gather then and take them back to the hive.

If they need to jump onto someone to get them they aren’t going to get all picky.

Mad I don’t think ya got what he was saying. He was relating it to the L4D Hunter.


It’s still in there nature to pounce you if they need to, doesn’t matter what he was relateing it to.

I am fairly certain that aliens in the movie were jumping and running all over the place. At the end of the day… they don’t exist so NONE of us know what they would do.

I played the AvP demo (xbox) and if you hold LT you highlight a target and then press A you can pounce on them.

The bloom burned a part of the image onto the Facepunch Post background.

Get the fingerposing and ease on the bloom.


No blur! Bad dog! We don’t do that on the forums!
bats autodesknoob with a rolled up newspaper