"Shit, Run as fast as you can!!" - Two powerarmour are running


Why are the running from the belly bopter? Also running in armor is hard, i tried it yesterday and got killed by the belly bopter FIVE TIMES.

though editing is nice maybe throw in some motion blur. During my 1 month of study in the art of GIMPING I have improved much and learnt many things. Motion blur cause motion but editing is +++

I thought sprinting with Power Armor was impossible.
Or was that just with Stalkers exoskeleton?

I wonder why they don’t have weapons.

I suspect flatspace technology.

just the exoskeleton. this is from FO3.

I know, but as far I recall you can’t run with either BOS or Enclave powerarmor.

Great effects in background very

That a headcrab pod? If so why would they have to run? It’s power armor, just smack the thing off and punt it.
Art wise: Good posing.

The guy in the back looks like he wants to be a monkey.

they trashed them

I guess their supervisors forgot to give them weapons training after they had power armor training.

In the future where armors are built strong but weapons are made of creme and sugar.

as you said

You can in FO3 and the paladins do. alot.
the game should be called “CRASHING, DYING, AND RUNNING SIMULATOR”

“maximum armor. Maximum speed.”