"Shit shit shit!" A blackhawk being chased over a ocean by something

Blackhawk being chased by sharks and being attacked

Some random idea

I love it.

Why is it flying so low that it can be attacked by sharks…?

civilian pilots


They have really cute eyes :smiley:

The shark looks like it’s on drugs. Look at the eyes!

Its been taking drugs.

Who gave him it?

he might had found it in a sucken ship somewhere

Holy Sardine!

Pass me down the Shark Repellent!

flying sharks. Awesome.

And you wont be able to get away from them

Freaking epic.

You should have been more crazy. putting them in the chopper and so on. :C


A chopper being flown by sharks and being chased by pilots D:

You told me to be creative with it in The edit my screenshot thread.

That’s how.

oh lol