Shit that gets you mad in Rust V1

Kids whining

People eating my chocolate.

People in general.

Not having a poop function, when you really have to go.

Hackers/abusive admins

People who complain how they got killed.

People who jump right to hackusations when they get killed.

People who jump to hackusations due to your equipment/size of your home/because you connected to the game/etc.

People looking for handouts in game.

People who suggest things for the 100,000th time(granted a lot of the time the original suggestion ends up buried in the forums).

People who suggest things that have been confirmed to be in the works.

People who claim potentially non existent female acquaintances would play Rust if it had a female player model that looked like something outta a porn game.

People who complain about stuff thats wrong with the game/fal to get what “Alpha” means.

People who complain about server wipes.

People who cry “admin abuse”.

People who voice how stuff like this gets them mad(myself included).

I got accused of hacking last night for “sped up reload time using pipe shotgun”. Blew away 4 fleshies who all had pipe shotgun. They came at me, unloaded but all missed - I had 6 pipe shotguns in my inventory, blew them all away…

I can’t stand people who leap to hackusations just because they get schooled / outsmarted.

This forum :wink:

And people who keep asking basic stuff without checking the Wiki

PoS that kill nakeds on sight because “They might hide a M4”

Wolves & bears that glitch into houses and stay in them


Lack of stuff to do (farm, craft, farm, get killed, farm, get killed, craft…)

High-end weapons too easy to get

Indestructible wood building parts

Mother-effing griefers

Granola bars, Shelter-villages, Big radtown, Russian Server invasion and red animals.

What… there is a social aspect of the game you have clearly missed.

Furthermore, I just remembered.

Permanent greifing has also been kind of a downer.

This thread

You pretty much summed up everything I had to say lol.

Night and headshoters

Actually, I didn’t. I played with 8 other people, we had a huge common base, and every one of us had a second individual one with stuff in case the first one got raided.
But even with this, it usually gets slimmed down to the same routine.

Not being able to connect to any of the official servers and when you do, experiencing massive rubber-banding.

Not enough cowbell…

Griefers, cheaters and kids of all ages asking admin to give them advanced weapons and building material they had before the server got wiped or they got raided.

There isn’t “subforum” in the title

People that build right beside a road and rage quit in surprise when they get raided.
People that build all of their stairs on the same foundation and rage quit in surprise when they get raided.
People that allow their base to decay and rage quit in surprise when they get looted.
People that pop supply signals in populated areas and get pissed when you steal them.
People that say door codes in open chat and rage quit in surprise when they get raided.
People that build loots rooms with windows and a bajillion furnaces and rage quit in surprise when they get raided.
People that raid noobs mercilessly then whine when they get raided.
People that don’t understand building/game mechanics and call people hackers when they get raided and can’t figure out how.
People that build flawed suicide houses and rage quit in surprise when they get raided (and call hacks).
People that think “unraidable” bases are ok, but using game mechanics in a creative way to raid those houses are “unfair”.