Shit that gets you mad: Rust edition

Well, yeah. Just making a thread where you can vent a bit about things that piss you off in Rust.

One thing that pisses me off is all these newbies that join the server and just ask around without looking at the countless videos, wikis or anything.


When the developer speedhacks to try and kill you (well we weren’t mad as we killed him).

How, when someone is nearby, it’ll usually only be moments before your HUD disappears, the screen goes black and a “You’re dead” message appears.

New players from various websites
Framerate drops
Weird ghost people
Unexplained deaths
Instant hatchet deaths in the spawn area
Not being able to locate people
Not being able to connect to the game
Having to download files every time I start the game

that’s about all really :v:

when i click something and wait 5 seconds for it to happen

No. 1 is a guy who tunneled by my wall and killed me. At least I killed him too and now I have a pretty lamp in my house - he had a gun with a torch. (:
2. Server’s resets. I hate rebuilding my shelter.
3. People who kill my with a single shot/hit.
4. People who are killing other players just because.
5. People who are trying to destroy my house.

Forgot this one. Map wipes.

PsiSyndicate and his mindless followers.

psisyndicate himself seems like a nice enough bloke, he removed the link to rust once he realised what his followers were doing

I wouldn’t want something bad to happen to a game which I enjoy, Handsome Matt just seems to feel the need to remind me that I’m a cunt every few minutes in-game, he’s a rather interesting individual.

registration’s disabled now anyway, someone already pm’d me asking to trade with me for my rust account

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sell 'em while they’re hot kids

It’s okay. He’s a chubby cunt.

Honestly the whole game has made me mad. The mechanics are solid. It’s all very interesting but I just logged in outside of a base it took me 2 days to build. The base was gone and the first thing I’m greeted to is someone shooting me in the face.

This community is pure fucking toxic shit. I play Dota and I’ve played DayZ so I know toxic shit when I see it. I mean every time I log on its one person after another bum rushing me and killing me. I’ve had people build bases around my spawn to keep me from going anywhere. I’ve honestly had teams group up and murder me in the middle of the night. Stealth kills on me, open kills, claiming friendly then killing me.

I haven’t been able to play the game because the community seems to think that learning comes secondary to just shooting or killing me on sight.

I can ignore the lag, I can ignore the obvious alpha state issues. I want to like this game but what makes me mad is that no one will let you have fun.

Every single person has the sole goal of shitting on your day and making you feel like maybe someone spending a lot of time developing a game was a waste of time because you will NEVER get to see it. That’s how I feel and that’s what pisses me off. The fact that everyone in this game seems to be hell bent on making me want to quit.

Most people are getting used to the game from reddit, and youtube. There’ll probably be a point in the future where there are various servers for it - for example, the facepunch server would probably be similar to the dayz facepunch server and have much less hostility between players

After figuring out how to craft clothes I farmed cloth and crafted all the gear. Literally 5 seconds later I hear footsteps behind me so I start running for my life, while I’m running I died… Pissed me off greatly.

Happened to me, too. I had just finished making full cloth armour, when some douchenozzle came and killed me. I didn’t even hear footsteps, take damage, or see the guy until my screen started fading to black.

Yeah the unexplainable deaths are so frustrating, probably lag and someone killed you at your previous location. That’s my guess at least.

poles, redditors, 11 year old PVP’ers and autists

Getting hit in the face by a hatchet.