"Shit, they got us cornered."

Wasn’t sure which one was better, so I uploaded both of them. Haven’t made any scene screenshots in a while, so I made this.

You’re gonna want to back up and zoom in to get a tighter angle for your pictures. Good start.

Try eyeposing, he seems to just stare into nothing.

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Make him look at where the other dude is at, or out where he’s about to shoot.

We’ve got you surrounded, at least from this side.

Funny and all, but I think ‘cornered’ is reasonable in this situation from what I can tell.

Yeah, probably should have added more people to at least have the appearance of them surrounding them. Depends on what part of the house they are in.

Well, you said cornered, not surrounded. All it takes is a wall and one guy with a gun or even just a rusty shovel to have someone cornered. I would work on your posing and overall technique more than having them properly surrounded.

Ok, thanks. I should probably get my old copy of photoshop so I can touch up on editing as well, since in game dof and motion blur isn’t always the best.