Shit thread bonanza. NOW WITH 100% MORE UNPOSTED CONTENT

Posed and edited by Me, but for some reason I never posted it. Maybe cuz it’s shit.

Also posed and edited by me, although this one dates back even further. Maybe as far as the great depression.

Now this one was posed by Jim_Riley, and edited by me. The edit was p. quick, but I think it looks alright.

Shit pic + Shit Pic + Shit edit = a thread by Zerax apparently.

worst thread in the history of man kind.
just kidding the last one is pretty cool

I really like the first one despite some minor issues, could’ve done with a few more explosions and gunfire and whatnot. :v:

And the last one is pretty cool as said by Back Slash

Nice stuff. How on earth did you do the grass on the last pic? Doesn’t look like GMod.

I second that, especially looking at those trees in the back, it really does not, care to ellaborate?

The first one is nice but, is it supposed to look like the guy in the first picture is aiming the MP40 at the officer?

last one is pretty good but your vignetting is the worst i’ve ever seen. what do you do; stroke the edges and then gaussain blur it up on a new layer? that’s not vignetting, honey; that’s just making a mess.

There’s a few ways to do vignetting and the easiest to me is to just make a template which consists of a transparent gradient that only consists of an opaque black. That way you can just make a box sheet (like 3000x3000 pixels) and then drop the gradient down and you’ve got yourself vignetting. Stick it on top of the picture, add some overlay and bam – vignetting.

The thing about vignetting in photoshop, though, is that most of the time I see it used, it’s with people who edit the picture first and slap the vignetting on last. It should be the other way around because the problem with yours is that there’s highlights behind the vignetting. Since there’s highlights, which would normally mean ultrabright colors and WHITE, the vignetting overlaps and creates a dull grey which shouldn’t be there. This happens to affect most of the picture. A little bit of contrast could fix that problem relatively easily, and that’s why you put the vignetting on first.