"Shit, VIP is down!"



Boom!, Headshot!

blood looks FAR to solid. Posing is nice though.

(HOLY SHIT, Kelvar vest!)


The vest makes him look kind of weird and the blood is a bit solid, like Resistance said.

The blood looks quagulated(SP). Other than that, AWESOMEEEEE!

I like it! The blood looks pretty sweet too!

Blood looks really abnormal. Other than that, good job!

Got a link for the guys in the suits?

looks like he is wearing one of those floating vests you use on a boat, and it looks like it has been inflated by touching the water too. [sp]damn I wish my english was better :C [/sp]

You mean life jackets?

Editing is really nice, yet the blood looks a little solid, and nice posing.


i doubt that’s kevlar anyway, why make it big when you can use something lighter and better

The blood was well drawn but it looks like you used the Bevel & Emboss blend mode, it makes it more 3-d yes but it also gives it a cartoony feel, if you reduced the effect of it then it may blend better.

Nice posing :slight_smile:

I agree that the blood doesn’t look like the blood we’re all so used to but I still like how he played around with it to make it look more dynamic! Definetly has alot of potential!

Prob cause it’s not kevlar, it’s body armor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Combine body armor to be exact.

That’s how VIPs role nowdays…anti-depleted uranium round armor.

faceposing baw haw haw haw :banjo:

work on it.

Got a link for the guys in the suits?