ShitBot - I. AM NOT. A TROLL.

thread music. replace “whore” with “troll”.

What is this?

It’s a chatbot, although it’s so simple you might consider it just a glorified ad-lib generator.

What can it do?

A few things:

[ul][li]Form sentences. It uses pseudo-intelligent sentence structures to create sentences on the fly using words it knows.[/li][li]Learn from players. Every sentence you say will be learned from. If you say any new words that the bot doesn’t have, it will learn the word and begin to use it when it chats.[/li][li]Keep track of what it learns. It saves everything to text files. So if it learns a word you don’t want it to learn, simply edit the text file. I was going to add an in-game library editor menu but i can’t be arsed.[/ul][/li]
How does it work?

When a player speaks a sentence, such as “i will test the chatbot”, the bot dissects their sentence and checks every word. Once it comes across a word that precedes a noun, adjective or verb, it will check the next word and add it to the library if it doesn’t have it already. In this example, the words “test” and “chatbot” will be added to the verb and noun libraries respectively.

I have a suggestion to make it smarter/more fun/more modular…

Go ahead and post it, but i might not implement it depending on how hard it would be to do.

Show me pics because i don’t think this bot is real and i’m a dumb shitlord.


Small update, i fixed punctuation fucking up words, and also fixed a bug causing it to learn the wrong words.

Explain the convars to me.

[ul][li]Chat Frequency: How often the bot speaks. ~30 seconds is decent, anything lower than 30 seconds is spammy. If this number is 0 the bot never talks.[/li][li]Save Frequency: How often the bot saves its libraries to avoid losing newly found words if you shut down/crash. Depending on how crashy your server is, you may want to make this lower/higher. If this number is 0 the bot never saves newly learned words.[/li][li]Learning Frequency: How many people must type something before the bot checks a sentence for new words to learn. If you have lots of players on your server, you should make this number higher than 1. If this number is 0, the bot never learns new words.[/ul] [/li]
The bot said something really racist/dumb/funny/weird to me.

I wouldn’t doubt it. Feel free to post it here.

Didn’t read what section it was in.

It’s Lua.

It’s lua :downs:


Gah, ninjad.

I’m not a whore, but I like to do it.

Looks quite nice, couldn’t it be abused if someone just spams several words over again!

it only learns each word once. it checks for redundancy.


i am not a troll but i do like it

I am going to have fun with this…

Thanks Rambo.

Awesome, I was wondering what happened to your other one, thanks for making a better one ( i think )

I fucking love this. Spam all sorts of silly thing up and down, I occasionally play on the retarded nox servers, you should give it support for cross-server chat so we can trash talk those fuckers.

But that is not nice :frowning:

Lol, nicely done.

Nice, good chatbot.


That’s the old version of this chatbot.

Can’t say this bot makes a lot of sence LOL

Sounds like your libraries are fairly empty, talk to the bot a little and give him a few more words to use and it’ll start to work out better.


For some reason I didn’t get the data folder the first download.

Added over 2000 words, it’s awesome now!

Haha add more :o

I’m going to start on some more words for mine.


If you some something like “Do you own a cat?” He will add cata to the database. Something dealing with the “?” is causing it to add an “a” at the end I guess? I tested with multiple things, I’ve only got it to work with an article, noun, then question mark.

Same issue here.