ShitBot: The future of AI

sup guys, Rambo_6 here with some cool ass shit for y’all.

It’s my chatbot but redone. It’s pretty customizable. It’s also borderline retarded.

BOT.BotName = “CATS” // bot name
BOT.ChatFreq = 30 // bot chats every X seconds
BOT.SaveFreq = 120 // bot saves newly found words every X seconds
BOT.Whitelist = {“a”,“b”,“c”,“d”,“e”,“f”,“g”,“h”,“i”,“j”,“k”,“l”,“m”,“n”,“o”,“p”,“q”,“r”,“s”,“t”,“u”,“v”,“w”,“x”,“y”,“z”," "} // whitelisted characters[/lua]

There are concommands that allow you to set the chat/save frequencies as well as the name. I’m also working on adding a VGUI thing to allow you to manually add/remove shit from the libraries.

The bot will learn from anything players say. Every time you speak a sentence, it will dissect that sentence and add any new noun/verb/adjective to the library.

The libraries are stored in separate text files (ie. one for adjectives, one for verbs, one for nouns).

Here’s some snippets from the bot, ingame. He’s really goddamn racist because his libraries were fairly empty and someone said “nigger” during testing.

CATS: flat nigger fence nigger fuck
CATS: dog eat lots of useless turd fart
CATS: your small nigger might rape
CATS: fat testing is epic lulz weren't an base should belong
CATS: boat might in my small pay more lulz to my kieran
CATS: small penis rape her epic dog are epic
CATS: dog am gay lulz rape yet useless lulz shouldn't fuck
CATS: fuckin post that base
CATS: a goatse could in her cat luarun that nigger
CATS: some penis can't rape but can dog is the lulz
CATS: your epic boat couldn't belong more
CATS: goatse gonna fuck for useless fuck

So yeah. that’s my retarded chatbot. ~RaTe Me FrIeNdLy~

(User was banned for this post ("WIP thread with nothing to show" - mahalis))

I see no sad car. I am disappointed.

I may add a var for frequency of learning new words. So you can type more and it won’t save every sentence you say. Because with 20 players typing, you’d be filling the libraries at a ridiculous speed.

Quality shit. :downsbravo:

But don’t you want the libraries to be filled?

If you’re running a server 24/7 with a fair number of players in it at times, the libraries will definitely fill up quick and eventually the script will probably start to lag. Since it has to loop through the libraries to do certain things.

Side note:

You might be better off using patterns for this. “[%a%s]” would contain your whole whitelist, and then you can use the pattern matching functions to on top of that. ( Assuming you aren’t already )

Also, google ads public service:

How does it know which words go in which library (nouns, adjectives, etc)?


Will this be released?

sounds so cool :open_mouth:
do want.

> your small nigger might rape
laughting out loud

This looks good, not sure why it deserved a ban considering it clearly shows concommands and output.

Mahalis is a shit mod.

Oh, chatbot, how I’ve missed you

What is this i don’t even


“Work In Progress” says, that developer is still developing his addon and he’s developing it right to the ideal. Mahalis could ban half of this category, exp: He can ban all developers of GMOD Tower, because they have nothing to show, no betas, no alphas, ofcource he would ban all half of Gamemode category, because lots of people there has nothing to show… Wait. Nothing to show? Is that right reason? That developer showed us his code. He shown us bot’s ability of chatting. Ofcource mahalis, you just didnt found any reason for banning that developer and after some short thinking, you’ve banned him for random shitty reason, which spinned in your head.

Also, users, if mahalis will ban me for this post for random reason or for reason like (“You just dont know what are you saying, dumbing everyone”), think again.

This does look like a troll thread though.

It’s really not, I’ve hung out w/ rambo in one of his listen servers while he was testing this. It’s real.


I’ll quote my RC post even though it won’t stop the clever bandwagonning fellows:

Don’t base bans on past experience but on the thread’s own merit. There is nothing to show this is a troll thread. It may be but it does not show it yet, if anything you have made it worse. Use some logic mate, I know you have it, deservedly. Rambo both trolls and contributes good scripts, so it is coin flip as to which it is.