Shitty Compilation- A shitty compilation by ze doktur

These are pics that I wanted to share in a thread, but weren’t really worthy enough on there own and I didn’t feel like spamming the “Don’t want to make a thread…” thread.
So here’s some shit.

This one was posed by Cone, all I did was edit it.

It’s hard to call it shitty.

Holding a two-handed sword in one hand…overpowered, fuck this game.

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Also War of The Servers, old, but awesome.

Great work, doc.

I posed that pic, but in all honesty it looked pretty awful until you came along and turbo-sexified it.

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here’s the original for comparison

pretty awful, as I say

If you think you’r screens is shitty, I want to see what is a perfect screen for you :slight_smile:

i like them, but the last one takes the cake

And then place it in a clear case so as to preserve and display it’s deliciousness.

Another BioShock fan,I luv ya smack :v:

its shit
all of it is shit

[sp]no it’s not[/sp]