Shitty DarkRP ATM Machine Bruteforcer

There’s some servers with ATM Machines that let people store money and get interest from them, and I’m now banned from all of them so here’s the bruteforce script. Take all the admin’s money and spawn a million shipments etc.

Instructions in the video description as well as download links.

Some servers I know that use ATM machines are:

If that is “roleplay”, shouldn’t the police be dealing with that crime? :v:

Oh man we’re going to make server owners so upset!!

Oh man this is going to be fun :smiley:

Just turn script enforce on, and this is worthless.

EDIT im getting [LuaCmd:1] ‘=’ expected near ‘<eof>’

Someone is taking the easy way of out of networking.

^ huh?

The guy who made the ATM surely is no security expert.

Why does your computer lag so badly?

Y’think it might have something to do with the recording software or his specs?


Yeah, I’m with Chessnut, they should use their police force. Why do people take this shit so seriously anyways?

A sethhacker would really dedicate their time to this, hah.

Im having the same issue. Someone help?

When I type lua_run_cl ATMCrack.lua, it doesn’t do anything. I have the Lua file in my lua/autorun/client folder. Any help?

Edit: And I’m doing this on a server without scriptenforcer.

“Shitty DarkRP ATM Machine Bruteforcer”

Automated Teller Machine Machine

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try lua_run_cl autorun/client/ATMCrack.lua

it’s lua_openscript_cl, not lua_run_cl.
The former opens an existing script, the latter interprets its arguments as pure Lua.

And now you can crack PINs below 1000.
[lua]function crack()
numberat = numberat + 1;
pass = tostring(numberat); _HudCrackCol = 255;
while string.len( tostring( pass ) ) < 4 do
pass = “0” … pass
datastream.StreamToServer( “PINValid”, { pass, PersonPIN[1] } )

Thanks, I’ll edit the pastebin version.