[Shitty picture]German Convoy


It’s like my first picture, so C&C, comrades.
Ah, and only in-game editing for a reason.
And sorry for JPEG quality. I just can’t do anything with it.

bad angle
i’m not interested in low quality grass

If even YOU think it’s shitty, then why upload it?

Because he would like some advice for improvement.

I really REALLY like this. You could use with some close AA, and practice with some posing so it the expressions on the figures shown don’t looks so…blank, you know? Also, with this, you could push the tank up a bit further, make it stick out instead of having that blank chunk of grass in the front. Overall, it’s still great quality compared to mine.

better angle too

HD grass? :o
Can I have the link, please?
And camera angle is very bad, I know. I’ll try to improve.

it’s shitty because it uses call of duty models

i don’t know of any
except maybe the flora in resistance and liberation

oh and the picture is literally 50% grass

The scene looks like it could be interesting from a different angle; try putting the camera somewhere that would give the picture a point. At the moment, the soldiers don’t appear to be doing anything important.

I’m tired of this grass.

why post it if it’s a shitty picture???

Camera angle could be just little big higher, so that it would hide most ugliness of the grass but still give the feeling that german convoy is moving and is long. Maybe same height as that small nazi flag.