Shoalin Monk model.

A monk, like this:

The model itself just needs to resemble it, i cant find one, if you could help and find a model that resembles it, i can do what i wish from there.

it would work just fine if roland or anyone else finishe ripping tekken 6 feng is a shoalin monk and has the same uniform

no! ripping form mortal kombat armageddon


The fuck does that have to do with anything?

He’s probably suggesting to get it from that game man.

But there ARE NO shaolin monks in armageddon.

Konquest on Earthream Dude…Near Subzero’s Lair…blad people with oranges closet

Those things are low poly as shit.

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Besides it’d be more effort to do, and the outcome wouldnt even look very good.

how about monks from the game mortal kombat shoalin monks?

Why the fuck are you guys suggesting porting from consoles when i ask for a model to skin?

Male_04 is the way

osht! my badd

You said it. Mm-hm. You’re also a bit of an arrogant twat so that might be another reason.