Shock in the System

My friend told me this looks like a futuristic Bioshock game, I told him there is System Shock, but this is not based on that just something quick I put together:

Lovely editing

Thanks very much

Hard robo tits :v:

Really? Christ sake. If there was a facepalm emote it would be prudent here.

The robots arms remind me of Phantom limb from The venture bros.

Run!! Crazy bitch with hard nipples!

is that the model from neo tokyo?

What one? If you mean the big fella then yes, the robo-chick-ninja thing is 2 models put into one.

i was talking about the robot lady but if that huge robot guy is in the game i might just have to download it for the models. thank you for inspiring me

No worries man, it has some pretty sweet maps, models it’s a great mod.

Why do robots need nipples?

For tuning there radios, left nipple is AM the right one is FM.