Shock Trooper salutes camera + Shock trooper profile

With speechbubble:



“As described in the caption in the above picture, in this alternate universe of the Half-Life Two world, the shock troopers replace the ordinary Civil protection, and are brutal killing machines, they slaughter anyone who dares stand in their way, with an army of cybernetic monsters too, nothing can stop this alternate combine, or to be precise, the Universal Union, as they are known as more than “Combine”. However few citizens have managed to overpower ST’s as they are known, and even few have killed some.”


Fucks sake i can see you viewing gimme some c/c.

apart from the text, the editing is just kinda bland, camera angles not great either.

Ty for the comment i’ll keep that in mind when i pose a sequel, also any comments on the posing?

the guy in the front looks fine, but the guy in the back looks weird cause his feet are too far back.

Anyone else got a comment or two?

Angle is still not good. It just doesn’t look interesting, try messing around with different angles.

Not to disagree with fpsdars but my angles are bad because by the time i’m done posing i’m verging on a horrific game crash which slows my pc down 100%

Then save your game, reload, and get a sexy angle.

Well, again not as an excuse but my game loads like a turtle with piles and constipation with an arse glued shut by superglue

Then reinstall and avoid installing too many addons.

Black ‘n’ White seems a bit cheesy. Nice try and profile.

Troll sighted, initiating heat-ray

You’ve really improved since your first few poses. The only thing I’m unsatisfied about is the camera angle and the torso being afraid of the right arm that it edges out trying to avoid it.

He actually pointed out all the flaws in your work in a way that gets your attention. Not much of a troll.

To Stiff of a Pose

let loose a bit :slight_smile:

He’s a partially transhuman soldier who’s been entirely brainwashed to be smart, efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone he meets

what’s that? you have no excuse (i was bored, i was tired, i was talking to a girl on msn, my save corrupted) for your shitty errors so you resort to calling me a troll?
i see past your ploy, stop bullshitting me.

The funny thing is, he’s right about every point.

Honestly Deathbucket, someone will say “Wow, this picture is shit” and you will go “It’s supposed to be like that”

It doesn’t change the fact that the picture is STILL SHIT.

Good god, you remind me of Chris-chan. You are so fucking stuck up that you think anyone who tries to criticize your piece of shit screenshots is a “troll” and that you’re so all and mighty.

And this, good god this. STOP THIS. Stop spouting excuses like “that’s how it is” or other shitty arguments. Just accept the fact that the posing is not good, doesn’t look natural, and needs some work. God damn.