Shocktrooper NPC and Playermodel?

This is my first request on here but I think it might be a good one for people who have played and liked Half-Life: Opposing Force. My request is that if somebody could make a Shocktrooper NPC and playermodel for those of you don’t know what a shocktrooper is go here:

But those of you know what it is could make something like that?

If you can here are somethings I would like for it:
Shockroach will detach on death like a headcrab and can be used as a weapon
Ragdoll effect for the Shocktrooper and possibly for the Shockroach
An alternate attack for the shockroach that allows it to shoot AR2 Dark Energy Balls

Already done, will be part of the next version of my Half-Life Renaissance pack.
You can see the shockroach SWEP and NPC in action at the end of this video:

Don’t have a video of the shock trooper, but here are two screenshots:

Cool when will it come out? Because it looks awesome I also wanted a player model for it or did you do that too? LOL at 0:11, 0:39, and 5:35.