Shoes should increase speed

All shoes should increase speed, how much should depend on the quality of the shoe (e.g. Boots should increase speed more then burlap shoes).
In real life it is very painfull to sprint with bare food on rocks, with shoes it is no problem. So shoes should give speed advantages!

Agree if you Agree ^^

PS: Are devs even reading these requests?!

shoes don’t make you move faster, they stop you from suffering from every step and hesitating over bad terrain. but no, i don’t think shoes should buff your speed.

the devs read everything, they just don’t comment every thread or they get spammed with off topic crap.

It’s a nice idea, but I’m happy enough with movement speeds, and I like that everyone is on a level playing field. I know this might change if/when mounts and vehicles become a reality.
I think all this will really accomplish is add one more challenge for freshspawns. Did you play legacy? If you did, you’ll have encountered players using speed hack, and you’d understand why this would be a pain when starting fresh.

Then make this test, go to a track like this one in the following picture in reallife, and then sprint bare foot and notice how fast you are:

Then repeat the same test with boots.

Are you faster with or without boots?

Also running over rocks not terribly painful if you have thick calluses. Every year I go camping in early spring for a week and I don’t wear shoes the whole week by the end of the week i can run across rocks painlessly by the end of the summer glass wont even break skin (still hurts a bit).

depends on what you are used to. do you see san tribesmen with boots? how about pygmy warriors? neither of them have any issues running, despite their lack of footwear.

my point is the same. you don’t run faster with boots. you run slower if your feet hurt because of crappy terrain.

i seriously doubt that one of you guys already tried to SPRINT on a way full of big rocks like this, even if you are used to it, you still can’t sprint as fast as you can on a way like this without hurting yourselve.

And shoes should not give a unfair advantage, but a little one.

Good book called born to run that talks about this very topic. You’ll be surprised to know many places run barefoot, on hard terrain. It may be easier for YOU to run with shoes, don’t let that blind you from how others do it. I know its easier for me to run with shoes, but I’m open minded to others way of doing things.

Since you start naked, u should start with 90% run speed.
With shoes : 100% run speed
Metal shoes : 80% run speed

Shoes are too hard to spot. Speed boosts should be restricted to vehicles and horses for simplicity sake

probably about the most i would agree with this as a game mechanic. as zipper said, leave speed bonuses for riding things for simplicity sake; there is no point having a 10% bonus to run speed for wearing shoes, and anything more is ridiculous.

Nakeds wont have any chances to get away then. No.

Speed–even small changes–has some nasty game balance ramifications. But shoes could provide other benifits, like reducing weather effects. Hot sands and icy snow not only hurt, but transfer a surprising amount of heat (conduction vs convection for all the thermo nerds out there).

Oops almost forgot: while other materials would provide protection, cloth could provide stealth. (Forget who suggested that orignally).

If you’ve worn shoes all your life and your feet aren’t toughened up from a lifetime of barefoot walking, yeah, sure, you’ll have an uncomfortable time walking on terrain your feet aren’t familiar with (i.e. not the sole of your shoe).

When I was a kid, I ran across barnacles barefoot.

talking about these fuckers

Then I got old enough to go to school where they made us keep our shoes on all the time, and my feet softened up.

Around 20,000 (+/- 4000) years ago, T8 ran at at least 12.5mph (~20km/h), barefoot, in mud, and was accelerating. Usain Bolt was able to run twice that fast, but he was running on a hard track in cleats and only needed to sprint 100m at that speed.

Now, the unknown part of this is the Rust backstory: How long has it been since civilization got blown to hell and the Newmans started using rock concussions to solve arguments?

some of the fastest runners don’t use shoes or barely use anything other then a thin layer of a shoe. I am OK with running speed but would like to see a mount or some sort of time based Teleport like TP home that takes 5 seconds so you can’t kill and TP like in World of Warcraft - you start heartstone and it takes several seconds and can be interrupted.

If something like this will be ever look at… they will also have to look at weight, nude vs fully gear should not run at same speed… limit the time we can run full speed… and all…

Personally I think it’s ok the way it is right now, I don’t really feel the need for that right now… there is so much more important thing to take care right now.

X : Shoes type
Y :Terrain type
Z : Terrain inclinaison

X + Y + Z = Run speed
If u wear no shoes in a rock field, u gonna run slower than if u had some nice boots… Even if your used to walk on rock, ur feet will never be used to a f****ng sharp rock.
English aint my first language

Why would teleportation be a vanilla feature in Rust? Other than suiciding to get back to your sleeping bag, you shouldn’t be able to relocate yourself anywhere instantly (excluding admin power use).

If you want a delayed teleport, mod your server and alter the existing teleport plugins/write your own that builds a delay before moving the player.

Why do you think it is “Vanilla”? strange. TP to home without loosing your loot is a nice feature. if done right I think it would be great to have.

on the other hand, I see horses in the game so maybe we are getting bridles/saddles and will be able to capture and use a horse (Minecraft).

I don’t think you understand the game garry is trying to build if you think Rust should by default include a free teleport home with all your stuff, with or without any kind of delay.

What next, GTA V’s passive mode so you can’t be PVP’d while you’re out harvesting?