Shogun 2 Total War Samurai models

I’ve never seen samurai models in source so why not?
I request samurai models from Total War Shogun 2.
I would be very happy to have these.

Here have a screenshot how they look like:

Maybe it’s even possible to port them?


I’m pretty sure those are the CGI renderings. The models themselves from TWS are very low poly

the top one might be in game but i know the bottom one is CGI and middle i have no idea

actually all of them except the one in the middle are in game screenshots

i was just thinking about how this should be ported, that would be awesome

They look pretty good for an RTS game where the computer has to calculate thousands of samurai in one-on-one combat.

I must say I have always wanted samurai models with this quality.

As far as I know there isn’t a converter for S2TW available. So unless someone uses 3DRipper (if it’s possible with this game) you won’t see any models that you can use for HL2.

It’s a very demanding game

I tried using ripper once, nine times out of ten it crashed for me, and other times it would rip models with a lot of things missing