Shoop Da Whoop SWEP by Sylph(me)

This is my first ever made Swep on Gmod and my first upload on
Some people rly wanted a Shoop da Whoop SWEP and some made one but didn’t wanna give it away, so i said i’ll make one.
This SWEP’s Features are
-Original Shoop da Whoop Sound
-Primary Fire is a Lazor Minigun that goes ‘‘BLAGHH!’’
-Secondary Fire is Shoop da Whoop that Goes ‘‘IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR, BLAGHH!’’
-Is extremely acurate
-Can destroy and Disintegrate anything (Some exceptions may occur :P)

Here is my download link:

So go ahead and have fun, share with your friends and thats all.
PS: If you are going to mod this, give me credit and to all the others that can be found in the credits.txt file.
Oh and by the way, you need HL2.

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Ha I remember this on Gmod9. :buddy:

Nice work.

Reminds me of the Omega Gun.

Someone needs to remake it.

the Omega Gun hein? hmm, ill cheke this out maybe i could make it :smiley:

Oh I just found this link on Gmod Realted Files

Its for the Omega Gun you were talking about ^^.
Its also on the forum posts.
his thread to the forum
Hope i helped a little^^

Could we have a video :)?

Cool, something funny to servers.

Wrong forum? Wtf? This isn’t the right place?

It was probably moved when he was banned. lrn2think

bite me.

Here is the video, I did not make it, a fan made it, thanks Tig119

I like everything instead of that gun model, i’d rather just have no model since you shoop out of your mouth.

that’s just me.

use something other than a stock weapon model at least

Alright I could see about that issue.i’ll probably make another and better release once I reach my 10,000 downloads goal. Thanks I like having suggestions.

It’s a Strider Cannon with different sounds…

change plooz.

  1. no gun
  2. no primary fire
  3. no sped up sounds on alt fire

If that were true win would occur.

Technically, “IMA FIRIN MY LAZOR” was made by fans. The creator of Shoop da whoop only went BLAHHH in his videos. The gun is ok, maybe a different model would be nice. The sped up sounds arent very noticeable, but changing them would be fine. The primary isnt that bad, I like and use it.

Why did you bump this disgrace to ?

A lot of people like the meme. Just because a couple people don’t like it dosen’t mean it can’t be popular.