"Shoot and run" - Russian model test.



Ah,. I messed up.

He looks ok, But those eyes. They are so innocent ^^

Still, good Job

Looks pretty good. The foot on the Russian getting shot in the second pic looks off, though.

The russian in the front looks like he’s dancing, but cool models :3

The copy and paste muzzle flash looks bad.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with Bubz.

the middle dude in the second pic looks like he’s way the fuck out of it. just look at his expressionless face. he’s charging at whoever is firing weapons at him and he’s as calm as a hindu cow

There is a layer transparency thing you know.
make the muzzle flash in a separate layer then set it so it looks less ctrl+c, ctrl+v

The first picture is great, but the second pic is not needed at all.

love the shading
everything looks good, but muzzles are a bit sharp
nice job tls!

Found muzzleflash in google, eh? ;D