"Shoot em down!" 3 guys in a truck shoot some offscreen zombies while one drives.


My edit:

C&C I guess, If you wnna go ahead edit, feel free


Edit is a bit blur-raped but the muzzleflashes are cool. In the future, blur the background and keep the car in focus to give the impression of a camera moving alongside the vehicle.

Lol G36C one-handed.

Hm thanks

Lol, I just put the aisain guy firing the g36 one handed, since its dangerous to out the head out of the window in a fast moving object. Thanks for the comment

It’s also dangerous to fire a big gun like that one handed.

Badass shit. :slight_smile:

Shooting a G36 one - handed.


Whats wrong about shooting a G36 with one hand? Hes just going blind fire.

The C means compact in g36C.
the recoil would be high but it is possible.
Saying g36 one handed is like saying Barrett M82 standing up


I like it, but it’s pretty incorrect.

Chesty keeps saying things that I’m thinking.

ughh why do people water mark their images especially ones of this

pathetic caliber

Great picture. But you just DON’T hold a G36C in one hand.

Face-posing is pretty bad; muzzleflashes are horrible(WAY to big); bullets for the M60 are too large as well. All-in-all, a not-so-good pic.

Of course it was copied and pasted, it’s supposed to be.

how dumb are you?

Very dumb :v:


A G36C weighs 2.82kg, so it’s theoretically possible to hold one-handed.
However, in a position like that with his arm outstretched, it would be quite difficult. The recoil would be a fucking joke as well.

how dumb are you, it’s hard as hell to hand draw muzzle flashes.
so tell me what was he supposed to do?

Look at how the Secret Service guys handle their weapons in a motorcade:


If they have to fire, they don’t hold their weapons out of the vehicle and fire one-handed. They keep them pretty close to themselves and just fire out the windows.