"Shoot from the Hip" And "SSD Cover"

Some old stuff I’m showing off again.

This time 2 photos in 1 thread. I’m not just releasing this stuff for nostalgia, oh no! I’m releasing these while I work on my new works, and possibly set up a new comic.

This first one is one of the first screenshots I ever did.


The next one was a concept for a comic which I wanted to do, but every time I do isolation, I’m meticulous and I end up losing enthusiasm and quitting mid-project. Well, I worked out how to do isolation faster in this long time away from making gmod screenshots, so I’m back to work on screenshots.

Anyways, without further delay…this old gem.


btw, I changed the name to something else…something less…anime :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, I did this before there was fingerposing…not that it matters much…

That is one badass first-pic.

WTF is that magazine?

Why not just turn this into a compilation thread and PM it to…SilverHammer, I think…for the Facepunch Museum?

First picture…ehh…it feels too rigid. Second picture, I don’t particularly like the glasses, and the citizen lacks…depth. The arm reminds me of Akira, though, which is a good thing.

Agree with the critism, it’s just that I’m too lazy to edit 2year+ PSD’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

A magazine.


That’s your first?!
My balls just went up inside of me…

IRL that thing would jam like crazy.


Plus, the G3 is a large-caliber battle rifle. It’s intended mostly for semi-automatic fire, not fully-automatic fire. It’s definitely not intended for sustained full-auto fire, which is the only reason you’d want a big 100+ round magazine like that.

That machine-gun is fucking badass. Who the fuck cares about realism?


Thats no HK Gewher 3…Thats a HK21e


Derp. :downs:

Still, my point about jamming stands.