''Shoot now! It's them.''

A picture I edited it was from the old edit my picture thread, sorry i forgot the posers name. C&C please.

Click for better experience!


Dust/smoke is very 2D and looks like it is on the camera and nothing more.

Weapon smoke is still too round and consistent.
Muzzleflashes are still not giving off any light.
Firearms don’t puff like a steam train when they fire.

I will fix the light wait a moment.


Gimp keeps crashing :C.


I hate 2.7

I posed that pic hehheh, Nice job dude.

Ok, sorry that I forgot your name :3:.

Steampunk :smug:

But yeah. The smoke is way too opaque too.

It looks like one of those cheesy ‘Ghost Photos’ with the ‘Apparition’ appearing in the very front of the camera lense

Flashes and posing look pretty great though

Overdid smoke.

Ok, less smoke next edit :P.