Shoot The Robber - My editing Workflow (video)

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Original picture by McTBone
Realtime version is 3h 1min
If you’ve got any questions, just ask.

Bonus Stuff I edited for the Unedited Screens Thread:**

Can you do a quick run-down of your isolation process and your blood process? Thats the only things you kinda lost me on. Other than that nice dude.

also, what file type/where can i find the files, that when you opened… “generated”. (ie. the sparks).

The sparks and wall-hits were taken from the Video Copilot - Action Essentials 2, its a pack of pre-keyed/ transparent action effects like explosion etc. for video editing, but you can import them into photoshop and pick out single frames.
In this one I used a concrete hit effect and colored it red for the blood splatter and added a bloodcloud and a bodywound, but normally I start with some splatter texture or brush, motionblur it a bit, add a small bodyhit and change the layermode around, and then i add a red cloud-brush on top. Also dodge and burn the clouds to get a deeper effect.
For the isolation process, i use the polygon lasso to select every single character/object i want to work with later and copy it over to its own individual layer for convenience. i also erase the objects from the background using content aware fill but thats just a preference of mine so i can liquify the edges of the characters and smooth out the models. Its pretty complex, I guess i should make a tutorial video sometime.

Your stuff is always neat.

Yeah that would be great man, I would love to see a nice in-depth tutorial. Great job with the editing.

I"m always a fan of the little things, that’s why I love your smoke effects; the blood splatters were also very well done.