Shoot through-able doors?

I’m currently making a Hl2DM map, and I had the idea of being able to shoot through the door entities that I have throughout the map.

Is this in anyway possible? And if so, how?
I would really love to have it in my map.

(And yes, I used google first, I wasn’t very successful)

I’m pretty sure you can shoot through doors already. It just reduces the damage drastically.

I don’t think so, I was testing it out earlier on the map in working on and there were no bullet holes on the other side of the door.

In css you can gun through doors, and I think the same goes for hl2. Unless there was a change, I’m not sure.

Doesn’t happen in HL2:DM, though definitely in CS:S.

Alright, so we’ve established it occurs in CS:S, is there anyway I can make it happen on my HL2/HL2DM map?

You would probably have to make a code change.

You can easily make these with a prop_physics set to your door model, with the collisions set to disabled and a invisible brush tied to func_door over it. it is hardly perfect as bullet damage isn’t dropped, but it works for the most part.

I take it that the tied brush gets the player clip texture?

Yes, it would. give it a shot and tell us if it works.

It should work fine. Though you probably won’t get bullet marks on the door, or hear the door collision sounds.