Shoot up.

Mainly for Criticism. Even on the photo shop.



would look a lot better if you worked on the gun fire, maybe add some tracers

Real guns don’t have tracers.

Uh, yes they do. Not every round though, on MGs usually every fifth is a tracer.

The camera angle leaves quite alot of empty and unnecessary space, and the edit could use some serious work, that muzzleflash looks like a big +. Also, use SDoF instead of normal DoF.

Thanks for all. I’m new to photo shop so I’m still trying to figure out how to use it.

That muzzle flash… yikes, work on that.

Work on your composition and posing. Don’t bother with editing until you’ve got both of those sorted.

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I have no idea what universe you live in, but it sure as fuck isn’t mine. Yes they do, but they’re generally used for machine guns.

when the minigun fires it emits a cross muzzleflash

he must be a republican, i already hate it