Shoot where you click

As the title says, could someone make a script that makes you shoot where you click like the context menu?
So like you hold a button, it shows the pointer and if you shoot in a certain pos, your player will shoot there. Even if you are looking with a camera, your player is quite far and you put the mouse over a place, it WILL shoot there.
Shouldn’t hard… right?
I am willing to learn from this script.

You mean your cursor isn’t fixed, and you can move it and it would shoot there? And when you turn a certain angle fair enough it would turn like in Lost Planet?

I think you have to code it in the SWEPs.

Something like Twitch Weaponry?
Or extended mouse control? (Although I don’t know if EMC works for weapons)

Basically he wants to be able to shoot while using a camera.

I guess he just meant Twitch Weaponry since it allows you to shoot anywhere on the screen though, I don’t know if it works with the camera too.

That EMC surely looks awesome!


Yeah, that’s kind of what I was looking for. Thanks desumthepanda.