Shootable triggers

How do i make a trigger so when i shoot it, it gives me a gun or something. Just like in csgo training maps where you shoot at a weapon on a wall and it gives you it. I already have the command part down, i just need to know what trigger, or what tool or whatever i need to activate the command. Thanks

That would likely be an object e.g. a button that activates when damaged or shot, and then it would have an “output” that would activate an entity that likely spawns your requested gun.

Say I had a button on a little pedestal that was linked to a spawning entity that spawned a metrocop. I’d set it so that the button only activates when damaged or shot, and when done so, to spawn a metrocop. You get the idea? It’s not so much a ‘trigger’ as it is entity/brush functionality. :slight_smile:

I think the func_button is the entity you’re looking for as it has a flag called “Damage Activates”. Set the damage and reset time you need, and it should be working when you add the correct in/outputs. For this case the output would be “OnDamaged” and then point it to whatever entity it is you use to spawn the weapon.