Shooter: Revived

Hello everyone, I’ve been working on a Half-Life Alyx mod called Shooter: Revived. Shooter: Revived is a remake of a cut experience from The Lab with some enhancements for gameplay. I work on 3D assets and generally oversee the project, but we have a pretty incredible team of fellow 3D artists, mappers, scripters, etc…

We’ve been looking at S&box for its expanded tools, more accessible framework, and its independence from the Alyx base. We’re experimenting with some of the more advanced features of Alyx, and the limitations of the official tools are quite obvious. For instance, we’re looking into doing custom AI and weapon scripting to get the project’s mechanics as close to the original as possible. The current solutions we have are working but somewhat finnicky due to limited access to some of the tools that Valve used. S&box’s tools and its robust gamemode integration would be perfect for our project, and the planned VR support would allow us to do so much more with the project.

Anyways, here’s some of our recent work that we’ve done on the project. We do have a lot more that we’re not ready to show off, but this is enough to get a general idea of the quality bar we have for the project.

I will update this post with our most recent maps, models, or other showcases. For now, here’s a brief list of the main people who work on the mod, listed by their Facepunch forum usernames:

JosephtheKP (me, models), escapist1234 (mapping/scripting), GmanModding (mapping), Krotter (scripting), Iridium77 (mapping), The_Reeno (mapping), G_Salmon (models), Eleetpancake (models), CitizenFiction (models)

We hope you all enjoy what we’ve created so far!


Watched a live playtest of this, and I can’t stress enough how much this reminds me of Arcade Shooters such as Virtua Cop and Time Crisis! The custom death animations and models make this well worth a watch!


Update: in collaboration with the Eagle One Development Team, we’ve released a full model swap of the Combine Captain to the Combine Soldier model seen in Project Shooter.

Check it out:

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Today we’ve released two new updates to the project. We first released our custom pistol (, Steam Workshop::Shooter: Revived - Pistol (HL2 USP Match)) and we also released a showcase of the “Redux” version (, Shooter: Revived - Pillar (Redux) - YouTube). The Redux maps are basically a reimagining of the originals, with full artpass, improved balancing, and more engaging gameplay.

We hope you all enjoy!

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We’ve just posted a new teaser, check it out!