Shooting a mysterious enemy

The enemy is so mysterious, you can’t see them. :smiley:

That sneaky bastard. :smiley:

Which map is that? Or is that a scenebuild as well…

dm_overwatch I think

k, cool. I’ll look for it. I’ve been looking for a nice map like that… and am REALLY lazy and don’t want to make one.

Though, if I need to, I’ll make one. :raise:

Dude, it comes with gmod

Yeah its dm_overwatch under the Half-life 2: Deathmatch section.

And any comments on the poses? :smiley:

No, I got hl2 with gmod, not hl2dm…

Posing is pretty good.

It still is in the HL2 list. Every HL2DM map is a shortened HL2 map.

Just search for it.

Nice posing. Muzzle flash works. Decent picture all around. Have a palette.

I might Photoshop to make it look much nicer. :smiley: Can I?

Use lighting on those muzzle flashes, other than that good job.

not dm_runoff