Shooting air drops, damaging parachutes

I think you should be able to shoot the parachute and pierce it to make the air drop fall down faster

They should also break if they fall to fast then. But I love the idea of shooting down an airdrop. Would be sweet to run up on some plane wreckage and try to find some metal frags off it.

No, just no. The idea of the airdrop is the waiting and trying to defend the area when other players are trying to get the airdrop.

Really who’s idea is it? The game isn’t even 10% done.

Kind of off topic, but relating to airdrops…

I think a portion of the airdrop container and parachute should be salvagable, same with boxes and chests you find in the world. I know this is a game, but in a RL situation a few feet of para cord could be one of your best tools…

Definitely no. Let people challenge “who survives”

In that case the air drop will cost your guns durability and you will die. because durability isnt fun its annoying.