Shooting in the wasteland

“'Lars Christensen’s Journal, 14th of May 2026.’
I recently stumbled upon an armory, full of broken guns. In the big mess, I found a working one. It was a sniper rifle. It had some writings on it, that said "
Домна, мой Мосин". I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean. I don’t even try to pronounce it. It sounds like Russian, Ukrainian or something like that. I returned back to my shack quickly, since I’ve heard rumors that raiders are in the area. Those rumors were right, I managed to kill two out of a party of five. The others ran away, probably alerting others. I can’t stay here for long. When I’m done writing this, I’m moving on. This wasteland must have some kind of shelter to offer. I just hope I can find one that isn’t completely irradiated. That’s all for now.

C&C on the picture and the story. As you may have figured out, I was kinda inspired by Fallout.

That’s not a Springfield. :v:

Anyways, the picture itself looks nice, blood looks like it’s on the camera-lens not on the wall, smoke is good, but muzzleflash is shitty.

I could have sworn it was a Springfield. Dammit :frown:

Oh well, let’s pretend it’s a Springfield.

That’s a german G43 I think(or mosint nagant or what it’s called).

That’s what I did.

Need more pee-bottles.

I wuw you :3

It’s definitely not a G43, but yeah, I think it’s a Mosin.

So it’s a Russian gun? Updated OP.

That little bit of metal in front of the trigger is the main giveaway that it’s a mosin nagant. Plus I had a scopeless model of it before, and that looks similar.

Anyway, I like the editing [never been one to criticize muzzleflashes] and the pose. However, I think he should be shouldering the gun a bit tighter, holding it closer to his face. He also should be holding the gun with his left hand further down the gun.

itt: people who don’t know guns from their dick
It’s a mosin nagant.
i’d also like to say nice story

I like smoke and story. I like what u did with the blood

That is definitely a mosin nagant.


Aaaand beat to it by Leon


To the guy that said it was a G43, semi automatic snipers usually don’t have bolt action.

Fuck you all, I knew it was a Mosin first!

Haha, it’s k, we still wuw u :3


Why is there some random blood on the wall.

That’s a little early dude


oh that’s just the monthly… ehm. yea

Before I add you to the ingore list for spamming in oify and thinking you can get away with it.

His sitting on the chair a bit wierd, and the fingers are also wierd, same goes for the story.

We need some raider models.