Shooting Lag (Players skimming across the map while someone is shooting).

Excl’s Jailbreak was recently patched and converted to Gmod 13. The only problem is a shooting glitch that is really annoying. I have looked in every single lua in the core section and I can’t sort it.

I would really love some help with this and will be very grateful. If you need the gamemode then here it is:

What is your/others ping when that happens? Skimming persons are usually connection related.
Could also be a high load on the server, what is the load on the server when it happens?

And what have you tried so far? A good investigation is half the work, and this makes it easier for us to help you. At this moment we can only make guesses.

I’m guessing this is caused by player:LagCompensation().
Sometimes this can cause people to skip around the map, and it’s annoying.
Try commenting EVERY line in all your weapons that says self.Owner:LagCompensation(true/false) and see if it works.

No, its 100% not that. It happens to EVERY player on 20 servers (all the servers using the gamemode) and my ping is like 20 on them servers. I have bigger ping on LifePunch and it doesn’t happen. It is something that the gamemode fixer didn’t fix or broke.

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Could you please tell me where it would be needed in something like this please?

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IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That self.Owner:LagCompensation(true); was in there all the time but as self.Owner:LagCompensation(false);