Shooting on sight - Backpacks !

As a ‘old’ rust player, i have noticed that the community/players of rust, right now, are douche bags. Just plain and simple assholes that would kill everyone on sight if they could get their hands on a pistol. Even killing poor naked people have become a sport. This is a big flaw in rust and the problem should be sorted or at least improved. Its obvious that some changes would not stop everyone from killing on sight, but can affect some.
As an idea i had, i thought if the developers could implement something that people would watch out for and would go for them, already there is clothing, and that definitely makes people go after them, but what if there was also items of a craft able backpack.
Freshspawns would start with less of an inventory, that is good enough to gather resources, set up shelter and get food. With people knowing that fresh spawns have such a small inventory, they wouldn’t be too bothered to murder them. But once one has equipped a backpack, it will be an identity sign that the player with the backpack may have something of value.

+also being able to craft higher or lower tiers of backpacks, such as satchels, etc.

Just simple, add the backpacks

So, your plan is to make it harder for fresh spawns so that stronger players don’t kill them?

Seems backwards to me.

And make The weapons visible Luke Dayz to stop ppl desguising as nakeds,and improve The cold status to make players wear clothes.

It depends, if the freshspawn will be able to make shelter, food etc it wouldnt be too hard. And as my point people would know that a fresh with no backpack would have a lower chance of carrying a lot of good loot, rather than someone who seems to be carrying a backpack, who would be seen to have some decent gear.

I think a lot of these people don’t just kill for the loot. They kill for the fun of it, so it doesn’t matter so much if you can see they’re poor or not.

The main reason I will kos someone is if I think they may have raw resources on them, a naked might have that on them, reduced inventory or not.

I think they should just implement a system where Naked’s can’t be killed by other players (unless they attack first) for a time limit from spawn. And the time limit would be however long the avg time is for players to build up to a shelter or sleeping bag.
Time limit would also keep fresh starts from abusing being unkillable by other players, not animals.

This would keep asshats from killing people for rocks. Fresh starts from being used as resource mules, and allow them a chance to get established.

Also yes I think if a player is naked and carrying weapons clothes/they should show on him, anything above the stone hatchet anyway.

Once the maps are much bigger it will balance out.


How is it fun killing some one with no chance of defending there self’s? people who do this must of been bullied as a child.

I disagree.

Some of my favourite times in Rust have been those spent trying to get established solo on a populated server (100+).

The challenge was made real and so enjoyable by:

  • the constant threat of death
  • struggling to harvest resources
  • being forced to be opportunistic whilst secretly gathering metal ore to smelt and wood planks for a proper house
  • the stress of using my furnace with a pitiful wooden door standing between me and being raided to get a metal door

It was a fantastic play period and I ended up with several secure metal door houses in the area. I had a ball.

The fun was because of the risk.

I’m so glad somebody finally said this. Risk of getting killed/murdered is a large part as to why the game is fun. If you don’t like it, then go a play a no PvP server and see how boring that is. Killing players with inferior gear is an easy way to get resources, which is why you learn how to build/gather in low risk ways until you are established and geared. Or you can always try to kill somebody with a pick/gun you find.

Why on earth should the devs disable spawnkilling?
It is so much fun to train my aiming on some freshspown, like for example a few days ago
i saw a nude guy running out of a town, i had an MP5 on me, a bad gun if i want to hit anything
from distance, yet i wanted to see how far can i hit with it, so i opened a hunting season on the nudie.
I had some much fun, it was like chasing a rabbit, for 10 minutes i terrorized him while he zigzagged through a forest and into the mountains,
and then finally i finished his suffering with a well places head shot.

this X 1000000000000000

I don’t think the majority of the people who kos do it for resources. Especially those who kill fresh spawns. It’s more for the fun, almost like trolling. Some people are just genuinely happy ruining things for other people. It’s a shame but you’ll never eliminate that.

Risk and vulnerability are a key part of the game mechanic. The point of Rust, as I see it, is that you’re NEVER truly safe. When you become established, you have even more to lose… it’s this constant threat that gives the game its edge.

I’d guess that most of the people who KOS are younger gamers familiar with multiplayer FPS titles like Call of Duty. But that’s obviously a generalization.

People will always KOS just for the ‘lulz’ and to relieve boredom. It’s not a nice thing when you’re on the receiving end of it, but it IS part of the game and even the worst KOS douchebags play a role in providing the game with ‘predators’ that other players must defend against.

If you don’t like the PvP aspect of Rust, then the game probably isn’t for you.

One note that i want to make is that the killing on sight is above primitive. And i know some people kill for fun and such but at least it would disconcert a few people do it for the resources.


Fixed that for you, lol

This is not a problem with the game. The game simply offers people freedom - including the freedom to be dicks or not - the ‘solution’ is to communicate with your fellow humans. As newbies, you may choose to form teams, so you can have lookouts (for example), and later as established players you can choose to go help other newbies out. Removing freedoms is NOT the answer.

Rust is advertised as a “survival” game. Beyond the first 5 or so minutes of your time on the server, which is as long as it takes the average player to conquer hunger and cold, there is absolutely nothing to “survive” except other players. Animals pose minimal threat (as both bears and wolves are unable to outrun a man, which is drastically different from real life) and exist only to be harvested. The same was true of zombies, more or less. Radiation poisoning? Pills or a can of tuna.

If there were new challenges that emerged when a player progressed on a server, more rare (and distant) resources required for advanced items or manufacturing processes, more repairs needed on larger houses, more serious threats that emerged the further out from the newbie spawn zones you moved (the kind that don’t drop helpful backpacks and hunt you instead of the other way around)… then maybe we might end up with more emergent, social-tiered, macro-minded gameplay. Instead of the cramped, camping-oriented situation we have now, where nobody wants to join a competitive server unless it just restart within the past 24 hours.

Then there would be little to no incentive for players to camp the 4 main loot spots, and the asshats and trolls would have more on their mind than sitting on their roof overlooking split rad town sniping newbies with no intention of even bothering to go down and collect their backpacks.

whilst it does sound fun when phrased that way im not really into the high pop servers the map just isnt big enough for people to coexist especially when 2 out of 10 players are trolls (made up statistic) its just no fun if you never get to experience the game im glad for procedural maps it will add a lot mor ebuildable areas and spread out the population sadly this will mean the death of sights like unless they can find a way to implement the generating of maps based off of the seed and as for kos its the worst thing heres an actual situation ive been in [in next vally] just whacking a wood pile Stranger walks up from behind “hi” me: turns around “hey whats up?” stranger: fires several rounds* wwalks away leaving my backpack carrying over 3000 wood to sit there and eventually despawn i dont believe in the kos playing style as it immediately kills the multiplayer aspect which is to socialise i personally cant think of a way to prevent kos except maybe the option to elect pvp or pve along with a notice to nearby players of having seet oneself to pvp (although pve kind of ruins raiding as it is impossible to defend when you cant kill) p.s (i apologise for any speeling mistakes im on the other side of my room with a wireless keyboard the grammar on the other hand thats all me)