Shooting Range poses + BONUS

These are probably the best poses I could think of. Rate Dumb if you need to.

M4 Pose:

UZI Pose:

Dual Pistols Pose:


Tell me how to improve, and rate dumb if you ABSOLUTELY NEED to do so. I have no experience in editing whatsoever. I don’t even know how to edit. :ohdear:

Alright! Well let’s see… Are you more interested in posing, or overall?


Criticism, that is.

Overall criticism.

Well, for starters, that guy looks very nonchalant about the way you’re supposed to hold guns. I don’t know it it’s intentional or not, but if it isn’t, then you might want to look at a few reference pics for gun poses.

Anyway, if someone really fired a rifle like that, they’re probably asking to have their gun come flying out of their hands or bruising, even possibly dislocating their shoulder, which is definitely the case with a shotgun that isn’t handled properly.

Alright, well, these seem to be just test pics for posing so we’ll disregard camera work.

Next is editing. None here except DoF. For that, spend a TAD more time trying to focus on the actual person. At the moment, everything is blurry. We as the viewers KNOW what we’re supposed to look at, but it still looks like the subject is blending into everything else because of it.

The posing… Well, Bad Username covered that part.

Actually, another tip. For a pic like this, try zooming in a bit more on the person. It’ll look better and draw MORE attention to him. With so much of the picture not focused on him, it makes you want to look around. Unless you want to have people look for something else other than him, try to cut out the unnecessary things and zoom in. Also try to go for a less generic camera view. Perhaps from the front, slightly below and slightly to one side.

I always thought it was “My bottle is grumpy” not “My bottle of scrumpy” w/e

I agree with him. One of the things I first learned about posing is take the shots at the very least slightly zoomed in. It reduced a sort of fish eye effect that happens with the camera. The posing has been discussed, but to reiterate you need to have the weapons more secure to the ragdoll’s body. Often times it helps to lean the ragdoll into the rifle, so that if it were a real photograph the subject would be leaning into the rifle to absorb the force of the recoil. My only other piece of criticism is that the picture is pretty empty, there really isn’t much to look at. Next time I would suggest using some scene building techniques to fill in the blank areas. It’s really not that hard, mostly just perspective.