shooting range

I’ve been working on a map and I want to add a shooting range to it, maybe where you shoot a target and it falls down or something. How can I do this? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Triggers plus func_rotating?

ok thank you but which trigger tho, there is few of them not sure what one to use

You could make a brush with a custom texture then clip it into many pieces. Then turn each one (individually) into a func_physbox. There should be a keyvalue that says Heal Leven to Override Motion. Set it to how much damage you want it to take before it falls apart. Then each piece you shoot in-game will break off and fall.

nice I like that idea but is there any way of respawning them after

I’d say that the best way would be to create a trigger_multiple parented to a brush (if that’s possible) that rotates when the trigger_multiple is activated (by a bullet). You could also easily make it so that the brush rotates back up again (hence making it ready for another hit).


If you want a rotating target, that is. Something in style with Modern Warfare’s practice range.

Make a thin brush, and slice it up into chunks. When you’ve done this, make each chunk a func_physbox and disable motion. Name them each differently. Copy the physbox’s in front of the existing physboxes and make each one a trigger_multiple parented to the chunk. Parent the trigger_multiples to the chunks. On outputs on the triggers, put “on damaged > name of parented chunk > enable motion”.

If that doesn’t give the right effect, make an env_physexplosion in front of each one and put, with the other one “on damged > name of physexplosion > explode”.

Possibly with what fewes said, but maybe:

Invisible brush (nodraw) overlapping the target brush, and have the invisible brush activated by damage, (func_button) and not to move, etc. Set your settings to your likings. Then make the target brush a func_rotating with the correct axis so that it’s back touches the ground. Parent the Nodraw brush to the func_rotating. Set the button to make the target brush rotate when shot or damaged. Make the func_rotating set back to it’s spawning pos. by setting another entity such as a trigger that recognizes that the button has been hit and it makes the func_rotating brush go back to starting pos.

Hope I helped.

Thank you one everyone you have been very helpful, I’m gonna try these out now and see what happens

Respawn them by naming them all and putting a point_template. Then put the keyvalue Template 1: “block ones name” Template 2: “block two’s name” and so on. Then to trigger either by func_button or trigger_multiple go to outputs and do:
OnTrigger (or OnPushed)
“template name”

Then it will respawn all of the pieces.

Make a func_physbox brush entity that sits out on the range, then make a point template triggered by a button to respawn it!