Shooting scene on a cliff [wallpaper]

My first try at a wallpaper.

I thought I’d try making one of those cool looking wallpapers, and here is what I ended up with. I used After Effects for the editing.

The shooter’s right hand is a bit retarded, I know.

Wow that’s kind of cool, posing is a little stiff though.

Posing little wierd,
But nice background.

Well, this looks pretty cool.
As you said though, the guy’s right hand looks a bit wonky.

Might make more of these, if I get any more ideas for them.

Think I’ll make the next ones a bit slower and not rush the posing like I did with this one.

New iPod k.o its great

Nice idea but the posing is bad. Editing is interesting though.

Thats badass.

Reminds me of a 007 intro.

That blood makes me smile.

I actually like the posing, strangely, the stiffness of it kind of makes it seem like the world is frozen O.o