"Shooting Tanks with Pistols erry day" Zoey about to get crushed by a Tank

Fuck me, this picture failed hard basically the colors but I put so much effort into it so I wanted to post it.

I hate Zoey’s posing. The rest is p. good tho.

Jockey wants to help her aim.

Jockey iz in background

Combine, im not one to complain.

But god damn do something differant for once.

Ellis is like “zoey nooo” in a half hearted manner :v:

Reading just the quote, I expected a Saving Private Ryan picture.

I brake my spine when i fall erry day. It’s boring… way too boring, something different wouldn’t hurt.

Something different like?
I mean its not like its a boring 1 ragdoll close up.

The colors you use never make sense but damn do they look good

Something that isn’t L4D he means.

This is were Im gonna stop now though if they get any more colorful I could just take a photo of a rainbow.

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Impossible, I started doing pics because of L4D.

Something else, not only with lighting edit but other stuff and not zombie based or atleast l4d related. Warch a movie, see a movie trailer on youtube there is always something.

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Do something not l4d related izz good.

It’s pretty good.

So if I mix “A-Team” explosions with my pictures they are better?

No something unique, not filled with chromatic aberration,explosions and other shit, something amusing to the eye. Not color like but interesting to see and no one has ever done it.

The Tank forgot to spray Tanning lotion on his armpit area and chest.

Zoey’s breats look abnormaly large…

Why is Ellis just reaching out like that? It doesn’t look like anything is restraining him.

Hes running.

But isnt this something unique? Atleast I havent seen it yet.